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Broomfiller – Melodic punk rock at its best

par Florence Gagnon

This Toronto, Canada, ensemble distinguishes itself from the multitude of already established punk rock bands, by displaying an alternative edge through the combination of sophisticated rhythms and vocals of great intensity. Often compared to veteran rock bands like Bad Religion, Face to Face, Millencollin, Husker Du, Foo Fighters, and Bracket, Broomfiller is constantly working hard to attract the masses and win over new fans.

After being on tour in the United States for more than seven weeks in 2006, the Toronto punk rockers can be boast of a fanbase extended from Canada, to the United States, and Europe.

Broomfiller's striking rhythms have created the backbone for many of their compositions, like 'The Cause' and 'Decide Inside.'

Their songs represent their unique and modern style, all the while retaining the essential characteristics of punk rock music.

With boundless passion and determination, Broomfiller continues to impress and progress while sustaining their own authenticity.

To listen to Broomfiller's music or for more information on their biography, please visit their artist profile on NuMusix.