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Corduroy – Austrian rock quartet

par Florence Gagnon

It's difficult to come across this young European band and not notice their promising future, especially when you listen to their new song, “Some High.”

Alternative influences

Corduroy's music tends to gravitate towards alternative music while still highlighting authentic rock tones in each composition. In effect, these songs present experimental and improvisational aspects. Furthermore, the band has tailored their sound to be much more unique and inspired than many other artists and bands their age.

Four guys, quadruple the motivation

The band is comprised of Jonas Katamay, Daniel Hochreiter, NIki Brandl, and Achim Eilmsteiner. These four young musicians have already succeeded in creating a name for themselves through their ambition and desire to make a name for themselves.

The song “I Just Can't Believe All These Things Happening To Me” is available on their Underground Musix artist page, along with their live version video of the song “May You Have.” The recording also involves a live performance of the song, which definitely gives us a better idea of their presence and the ambience at their shows.

To listen to more music from Corduroy or for more information on their biography, please visit their Underground Musix artist page.