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Black Gandhi – Of Peace and joy

par Florence Gagnon

This formation from Barcelona, Spain, presents a unique style through eclectic ideas and motivations. In fact, the members of the band strive to surpass themselves every time to create uplifting and still passionate songs. Black Gandhi clearly display their love of music and their own well-conceived philosophy.

The six members of this Spanish group concentrate their energies on their creative process and spirituality combined, and it shows. Their music is guided by philosophy of peace and happiness. These songs are optimistic and focused on a message of sincerity. Their music is inspired by influential artists like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Ben Harper.

Black Gandhi's melodies are attractive and stylistically original, and yet still conserve a contemporary reggae feel. A sample of their work is currently available on their NuMusix artist profile.

The song “New Life” explores this ideological happiness found in Black Gandhi's music. It is with a positive outlook on life that the band is acquiring a progressively larger fanbase. Who doesn't like to be cheered up from time to time, right? To be more specific, the band share their perspectives on love, peace, and everything that makes a person feel good. Values are prioritized and expressed through lyrics and song, and to make their music even better, each member is equally talented.

To listen to Black Gandhi's music of for more information on their biography, please visit their artist profile on NuMusix.

Black Gandhi