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Marten de Paepe – Folk music from the Netherlands

par Florence Gagnon

Warmth and charm is what characterizes the music of Marten de Paepe, a singer/songwriter from Amersfoort, Netherlands. His folk ambience is generated by acoustic tones paired with a soulful voice. Marten de Paepe builds his pieces around seasons, moods reminiscent of spring or autumn, for example.

When performing live, this european folk artist is usually accompanied by a talented quartet of musicians. Being a singer/songwriter, De Paepe has learned an effective way to draw his audience into his world. His lyrics written in English, they melt into his melodies seamlessly.

Marten de Paepe presents folk music with European essence mixed with a touch of Americana. Throughout the selections of songs posted on his Underground Musix profile, the translation of his vision and emotions into music is incessantly clear.

The song « In your dreams » represents the general tone of de Paepe's music. A mixture of both male and female voices, melodic guitars, and rhythm variations. As a matter of fact, the main vocals remain accompanied by a female vocalist with soft and simple melodies during the more intense parts of this song, as if to show two sides of the coin or allude to the yin yang meaning.

To listen to Marten de Paepe's music or for more information on his biography, please visit his artist profile on NuMusix.

Marten de Paepe