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MC ENVY – In Full Eruption!

par Florence Gagnon

This 22 year-old British artist is one of the fastest growing music artist in the United Kingdom. In fact, with the songs from his first album 'Do not approac these people,' MC Envy presents refreshing rhythms while luring more people into his career following.

The young hip hop artist is presently keeping himself very busy with an extensive tour accross England. His path is leading him to more great opportunities; he even had the chance to play his current hit 'Please don't cry' at the Trafalgar Square in London in front of fifteen thousand people!

MC Envy's album explores numerous aspects of his life. His compositions exhibit gripping instrumentals that manipulate such colourful tones in comparison to what Hip Hop music usually revolves around. Throughout certain songs, MC Envy even graces the piano with R & B and hip hop vibes. According to him, every dream and goal is attainable if you make enough effort and if you are persistent.

The song « I am what I am » accurately depicts the ambience created by MC Envy's music. Many songs extracted from his album are now available on Underground Musix for a very affordable cost. You absolutely must get a taste of his music which distinguishes itself with utter originality and authenticity.

To listen to MC Envy's music or for more information on the artist, please visit his artist profile on NuMusix.

MC Envy