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Endroit :
toronto - Canada
Style musical :
Reggae - Ska
Langue chante :
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Born the 6th child from a fleet of 14, Winston lost his dad when he was just 18; with the burden of taking care of his family left on his shoulders. He remembers how hard it was filling his dad's shoes, but the help and love of his brothers and sisters and the love of his mother was the motivating factor, which ultimately led to his success. Hewitt in an interview will X-Tratainment could not stop singing his mother's (Mary Hewitt who now resides in May Pen) praise and the admiration of her strength in raising 14 children, most of whom she raised solely on her own, after the passing of his father.

In addition to being the driving force behind the Canadian Reggae Music Awards, Winston is the original lead singer and one of the founding members of Jamaica's top international reggae vocal group 'The Pioneers'. Hewitt, working out of Toronto, Canada has taken part in most of the reggae festivals across Canada and around the world. Winston has performed with superstars such as Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Marcia Griffiths, Freddie McGregor, Jackie Edwards, Dobby Dobson, Ernie Smith, Millie Jackson, Jerry Butler, The Manhattans, Melba Moore and many others.

Hewitt is considered one of the top reggae artists in Canada. He has so far nine albums and 18 singles to his credit. In 1987, Winston hit the No. 1 spot on the reggae charts, in 5 cities across Canada and the USA with an original single entitled 'You're My Boopsy' which also hit the top 10 charts in England and Jamaica. He also hit the No. 1 spot again in Canada, in 1995, with a song entitled 'We Need More Love' a duet with Inspector Lenny, which stayed on the reggae charts for 11 weeks.

Winston as the leader of the Dynamics received an award at the CHIN INTERNATIONAL PINIC in July 1973 for his continuing support to multiculturalism in Canada. He also received an award in 1986 from the C.M.R.A.C.out of Toronto Canada, for his outstanding leadership and distinguished contribution to the reggae industry. In 1987, he received a certificate of appreciation for his continued support and contribution to community programming within the Graham Cable TV/FM viewing area, In Ontario Canada, The Jane/Finch Concerned Citizens Organization (J.F.C.C.O.) and the United Way presented Winston with an award for outstanding community service in 1988.

In 1990, at the Ninth Annual International Reggae Music Awards held in Atlanta, Georgia, he was presented with an award for his 'Outstanding Contribution to the Growth of Reggae Music'. On May 4th 1991, Winston Hewitt was presented with an award for 'Most Improved Reggae Entertainer' of the year at the Tenth Annual International Reggae Music Awards held in Montego Bay Jamaica W.I. In 1993, he also received an award from the Association for the Advancement of Reggae Music in Alberta (AARMA) in recognition of his contribution to the 'Advancemen

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